The Literary Cats


Lulu is part Scarlett O'Hara, part Tinkerbell, and part Bonnie Parker. She is the most enthusiastically involved and interactive literary cat Jennifer has ever known and is the self-appointed Head Literary Cat. She is extremely busy and too-clever (as well as being very pretty), and when she isn't playing ear plug hockey or trying to take the printer apart, she is joining Jennifer for telephone meetings, pulling post-its out of research books, lying on Jennifer's lap with her head thrown back against the keyboard, or sitting beside Jennifer gazing dreamily at the computer screen. She is also responsible for waking Jennifer every morning at three, four, five, or six a.m. to make sure she gets to her desk on time. She is very much a fulltime cat.

Rumi is Lulu's brother. He is a Lynx Point Siamese, which means he talks a lot and has two beautiful but wiggly (slightly crossed) blue eyes. Rumi loves to purr. And eat treats. And to rub on things. He is afraid of almost everything, but he is usually purring even when he's scared. His main purpose in life is to love and be loved. He is perpetually confused and very forgetful. He sometimes plays with things that aren't there. He likes to prop himself on books and manuscripts, to dig at papers and bury them, to bat paper clips, to rub on pens (as they are writing), and to sit on Jennifer's desk in one of the two boxes she keeps on hand for literary cat naps.

Jean Louise "Scout" Finch is a polydactyl, or Hemingway kitty, which means she has extra toes on all four paws. She is relatively new to the literary life, but she has made herself at home. She is exuberant, emphatic, and wonderfully eccentric. She is also very punctual. (Breakfast must be at seven a.m. Dinner must be at five p.m.) Her favorite napping place is a Martha Stewart colander. Some of her favorite games are Hug the Other Cats And Don't Let Go, Eat the Bag, and Berries in the Sink (which is played by Jennifer throwing berries into the sink while Scout tries to catch them in mid-air). To Lulu's great consternation, Scout follows Jennifer everywhere, which often results in the two of them wrestling on Jennifer's desk.

In Memoriam
R.I.P. Satchmo (2001-2014). Noble gentleman, protector, loving and grateful friend.

Satchmo was born in a dumpster in Savannah, Georgia, the only surviving kitten of his litter. Before his death in February 2013, he was the Senior Resident Literary Cat. He saw Jennifer through seven of her eight books. He was serious, shy, and often solitary, known for his supreme patience, his gratitude, his fatherly attitude toward the other kitties, and his fiercely protective nature. He was also a cat of very strict routine, enjoying lap time once a day at 1:00 p.m., and often joining Jennifer in her office for his afternoon nap in the desk bed. The only time he ever really talked was when Jennifer was late feeding him, and he often had to round her up at her desk and lead her to the kitchen (because he was an outside cat before he was adopted, he always took food very seriously). Satchmo was smitten with Lulu, the love of his life, and was very devoted to her, even though she drove him crazy. After his death, she entered what could only be called a mourning period, which has finally lifted thanks to the very disruptive (but happy) arrival of Scout Finch.