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March 1, 2012

The Things That Help Me Write (or: Thank God for “Supernatural”)

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When Judy Garland was just a talented teenager at MGM, she worked a very demanding schedule– sometimes 18-hour days, one after another. To keep her going and to ensure she would be able to perform, MGM supplied her with sleeping pills so that she could rest between scenes, and then, when it was time to roll the cameras again, they would ply her with amphetamines to wake her up.

Thankfully, I haven’t ever used either, but there are certain things that do keep me going when I’m working a grueling schedule. And right now I’m working a very grueling schedule–producing, writing, editing, designing, outfitting, directing, scoring, and starring in a trailer for the book; editing the first pass galleys of Becoming Clementine; continuing to research (when time permits) and outline the Hollywood book; writing the Hollywood book; doing publicity/promotion for past and future books; and redesigning my website, among many other things– which is why I haven’t blogged a word for over a week.

So, in no particular order, these are some of the things that are helping me through (aside from my boyfriend, my mom, my cats, my hilarious and loving family, my friends, my readers, and my ever-supportive and encouraging literary agent):

Supernatural (few things help inspire or comfort me more than watching the super-hunky Winchester brothers hunt monsters and battle demons– it’s perhaps the one thing that seems harder than writing)

Exercise (namely: Physique 57)

Google breaks

Singing songs into my best friend Joey’s voicemail

Things to look forward to– whether it’s getting together with friends or an upcoming Charles Boyer film on TCM or a walk around LACMA with my boyfriend at the end of our work day

Our new car– the cutest, sexiest Mini Cooper S you ever did see

The Bachelor and my Tuesday morning discussions with Mom during which we analyze the show (and the people on it) at great lengths

The Walking Dead (See Supernatural comments above, only in this case, of course, sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes and company have to battle zombies)

The anticipation of John Carter

Stepping out into the CA sunshine at least once a day

My new office desk chair (no more back pain!)

My new office reading chair (see above)

The never-ending gratitude– even in the face of tremendous deadlines– that comes from knowing I’m getting to do what I love to do

The knowledge that someday, many, many months from now, I will have a break.