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March 6, 2012

The Reading Chair

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This week I’m working on the loose galleys of Becoming Clementine, which means reading the entire book at least once with a colored pencil by my side (I typically choose some shade of purple, but for this one I’ve decided to use green).

Even though this stage isn’t as grueling or intense as the editing/copy editing phase of book writing, it still means long hours pouring over the manuscript, trying to make sure every last word is in place.

In an earlier post, I talked about trying to find just the right reading chair for my office– something cushy and comfortable that would be a great place to sit for hours at a time.

After scouring the internet and visiting furniture store after furniture store, my boyfriend and I paid a visit to H.D. Buttercup, which is the largest furniture retailer in Los Angeles– 150,000 square feet. Its located inside the historic Helms Bakery Building, built in 1931 (ancient by L.A. standards), which once housed the famous family-owned and operated Helms Bakery. Back in the days when the bakery was still a bakery, the air of Culver City– including nearby star factory MGM– was filled with the aroma of freshly baked bread.

My father loved shopping, but I do not. I made it through that store in record time, flinging myself into every chair until I found The One. I’m almost always one to impulse buy, as my mother calls it (she’s sometimes like me in this way), but my boyfriend believes in comparison shopping, so even after I saw the chair and fell in love, we continued testing others.

Of course I bought it in the end, now knowing more than ever that I’d gotten the very best one, and it currently sits in my office covered in cats. Every single time I get up to refill my water or check email, another cat seems to appear and my place is once again taken.

But when I can get in it, the new reading chair is the perfect place to read galleys, especially now that I’m learning to juggle at least one lap kitty with the book pages, my green pencil, my eraser, and my pencil sharpener.

The galleys will Fedex their way back to Penguin on Friday, and then I will turn back to Velva Jean’s Hollywood adventure. At that point I’ll be back at my desk, which means the cats will almost certainly become bored by the chair and find other places to nap.