Praise from readers

Jennifer Niven, first of all, how dare you. Secondly, ouch. Lastly, thank you. Niven delivers the most beautifully composed and relevant YA novel the genre has seen in a long time. — Briana, age 22, Orange, CA

Profound and meaningful, yet still something teens will want to read and understand. . . . I literally could not put this book down. — Regan, age 15, Long Island, NY

A story that demands to be read. Filled with searing clarity and messy, confusing love, All the Bright Places is everything young adult contemporary can and should be. Fiercely original, hard-hitting, and courageous, it's an emotional roller coaster that pierces the heart and captures the imagination. It's brutally honest and brilliantly written. Jennifer Niven is an incredible new voice in teen fiction. Extraordinary. —Arianne, age 14, Ireland

All the Bright Places will warm your soul, then tear it apart and . . . settle in the brightest place of your heart. — Steysha, age 19, Kiev, Ukraine

All the Bright Places hit me in the feelings and never let me go. I laughed, cried, fumed, and wished I read this when I was 15. More than anything, it reminded me of how important people are, and how important it is to get out of our own heads and care deeply for someone else. — Brittany, age 22, Los Angeles, CA

Time received: 11 am. Time finished: 10:47 pm. . . . My heart was just torn into pieces. Complex. And heartbreaking. I couldn't stop reading till I finished. And I did. And yeah. And my goodness. . . . It was amazing. — Annalise, age 15, Holly Springs, NC

You know what book is freakishly awesome? #AlltheBrightPlaces by @jenniferniven. I CANNOT PUT IT DOWN. — Cait @NotebookSisters

Was lucky enough to get a proof of #AlltheBrightPlaces — beautiful, heartbreaking book. One of the best I've read this year. I'm in pieces after it. All The Bright Places will be published in January 2015, and EVERYONE needs to read it. It's stunning. — Louise O'Neill (author of Only Ever Yours)

No words. So many feels. — Kristy @KristyBookNerd

Adored #allthebrightplaces. The only new YA novel I've heard compared to @realjohngreen that deserves it. — Jocelyn @jocelynbm

All the Bright Places is freaking phenomenal. Love, love, love. — Alex Colevas @alexlikesbooks

Tissues, tissues. Loved it. — T. Greenwood (author of Bodies of Water, Grace, Two Rivers)

I just wanted to keep reading about Violet & Finch, but at the same time I never wanted it to end. It is one of the most beautifully written books I have ever read, and definitely belongs on the Saddest Books Ever and the Best Books Ever List.— Mathilde Tobin @Mathilde_Tobin

OMG OMG OMG!!! This book was so good. It was spectacular. I sat down on my bed to read it and didn't look up until two hours later when I had finished. Tears were streaming down my face, it's that emotional/well-written/beautiful. Read it when you're happy or sad or mad, just read it. Sit down and don't get up until you know all of Finch and Violet's story. Once you've laughed and cried with them, you'll feel a little more human. — Jordyn, Bunnies and Books

Stunning. The YA bar just got raised a country mile. Thank you @jenniferniven Phil Earle (author of Being Billy, Saving Daisy, and Heroic)