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January 28, 2013

Ada Blackjack — the shop

Recently I heard from a designer named Ivonne Schippers, who let me know about her Etsy shop, where she sells handmade bags and leather goods. The shop’s name? Ada Blackjack.

Ivonne says she was fascinated by the early polar expeditions and came across Ada when reading and researching. “I thought it was a great story and found it a very inspiring name for my brand.”

Originally from Holland, Ivonne moved to Barcelona, Spain, in 2008. She had always sewed as a hobby, making some of her own clothes, but she went to school to study theater, film, and television science, and later worked for a movie distributor, a communications agency, and an apartment booking agency. When she lost her job in 2010, she began yoga teacher training, but when an injury intervened, she postponed training and “dusted off” her sewing machines.

“The initial idea was to make bags for yoga mats but pretty soon I decided to make other types of bags as well. With a lot of practicing and studying I am where I’m now, selling my bags online.”

Her designs are lovely. As Ivonne says on her online storefront, “I decided it was time to start doing what I love most, creating handmade goods to brighten up this world a little bit.”

And brighten she does. Check out her bags on Etsy and on Facebook, and read an interview with Ivonne over at Cute Suite.

I can’t help but think that the original Ada Blackjack, a skilled seamstress herself (pictured here in a parka she designed and created), would be proud.

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