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March 7, 2013

Sugar, sugar

Next to Betty Rubble, my favorite cartoon character has always been Veronica Lodge, that vampy brunette vixen who is always stealing Archie’s heart from another Betty, perky and pony-tailed girl-next-door Betty Cooper.

So imagine my elation when I lifted my head long enough from 1946 (where I’m buried in the next Velva Jean novel) to hear the news that M.A.C has just released an Archie’s Girls cosmetic line.

Short of an ABBA clothing line, this is the greatest retail experience I can imagine.

As Huff Post reports, “Betty’s collection offers lipsticks, lipglosses, eye shadow palettes, and blushes in light pinks, vibrant peaches and corals. They’re pastel shades that perfectly reflect Betty’s innocent, bubbly personality. On the flip side, you can expect bright and rich shades of violet, plum, red, and navy from Veronica’s colour palette, being the glamorous diva that she is.”

Because it’s a limited edition, I, for one, have already ordered my Ronnie Red lipstick and my Strawberry Malt lipglass.

What better way to celebrate my inner– and outer– Veronica?

And speaking of the Archies…