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January 30, 2013

The Santiago Blues

I have been a huge fan of Jennifer Niven ever since Velva Jean Learns To Drive came out and I instantly fell in love with it. Being a musician, one of the reasons I love the Velva Jean series is because of the music. I have found Velva Jean very musically inspiring, and I now know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I am deeply honored and proud to share with you a new song, entitled “The Santiago Blues,” inspired by Becoming Clementine, and written by one of my very best friends Shelby Padgett.

This is the first official song Shelby has written and I am tremendously proud of her! It is a beautiful song that makes you want to cry, whether you have read Becoming Clementine or not. (but it you haven’t read it yet, you should really go do that right now, because it’s amazing.)

Here is Shelby’s wonderful song:

The Santiago Blues – Shelby Padgett


A Very Proud Friend, Musician and Kindred Spirit. <3


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November 10, 2012

Music of my Heart: Agnes Obel

Do you have a rainy day song? The kind of song that you can only listen to when its cold, wet and cloudy out? If you do, then you will love Agnes Obel. If you don’t-well you’ll love her anyway because she has a classic haunting voice that is timeless.



Agnes Obel is a Danish singer/songwriter that is most known for her song “Riverside” featured on Grey’s Anatomy. She has an enchanting voice that is paired with her amazing piano skills. I urge you to play her in the background while reading, painting or writing because she is not only calming but inspirational. Bellow are some links to her song. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do. Here are some of her more popular songs below.









October 1, 2012

Music of my Heart: Sigur Ros

You don’t always need to understand the lyrics to a song to be moved by it. That’s exactly what the band Sigur Ros thought when they began to make music.

Sigur Ros, originally from Iceland, practices the art of Vonlenska, which is a term used to describe the unintelligible lyrics sung by the band. The band’s website describes it as “a form of gibberish vocals that fits to the music.” Basically, the listener must relate to the music and come up with their own meaning.

I’ll be honest, the first time I heard this band was on the season finale of a Vampire Diaries episode. (Yes, I watch Vampire Diaries and I am proud of it because they have amazing music on that show.) The song that they played, “Dauðalogn” (which I can’t even pronounce), was so moving I decided to look them up and download as many of their songs as fast as possible.

They recently gained some attention for featuring Shia Labeouf completely nude in their music video. That aside, they are an amazing band, especially on a rainy day, and they encourage thinking for yourself. Hope you love them as much as I do. Here are a couple of their songs, which I can’t pronounce, underneath.

Let me know what you think!

September 13, 2012

Music of my Heart: The Lumineers

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Although my true passions in life include reading, writing, television and film,  music is what moves me most. Nothing changes my day like a song. I can be in a very hyper mood, but if a song with deep lyrics or a soft ballad comes on, I become a new person, a calm person.

A couple of months ago I heard this song. I can’t explain the feeling I had when I heard it, but I can compare it to the first time I had a crush on a boy in kindergarten. (Yes, I know kindergarten is young but what can I say? I was ahead of my age.) Once I heard this song I immediately downloaded the  rest of this band’s music. The band’s name is the Lumineers. I thought that one song, “Ho Hey” was good? Well when I heard the rest of their songs I knew that I had just found my new favorite band, the one I would one day tell my kids about.

A little background about the band:

There are three members


Wesley Schultz
Jeremiah Fraites
Neyla Pekarek

The band is originally from Ramsey, NJ. Their genre of music is a mix of Indie and Folk. In the last two months they have been in Blue Moon’s commercial, a Bing commercial and their song “Ho Hey” is now very familiar to radio play.  You can also buy their album at Starbucks, which I did two days ago even though I already have them downloaded.

I hope this amazing band moves you as much as it did me. I’ve attached a few links below for your ears.

The Lumineers- Ho Hey

The Lumineers- Stubborn Love

The Lumineers- Flowers in Your Hair

The Lumineers- Classy Girls