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October 21, 2012

Pretty boots for a rainy day

In 2005, I traveled to the high Siberian Arctic (setting of The Ice Master and Ada Blackjack) aboard a Russian icebreaker. Quark Expeditions, which organized the expedition, provided everyone with giant, all-weather parkas to protect us from the cold. One of the things they didn’t provide but advised us to pack was a hale and hearty pair of wellies, as they’re called in the UK– more commonly known as rain boots.

Me being me, I was determined to find pretty and stylish wellies. I figured it was bad enough I’d be wearing a hat and polar bear-sized coat the entire time– at least my feet and legs could stand out.

All these years later, as I get ready for a trip to Ireland (where everyone tells me it will rain, no matter what the slightly less ominous weather forecast says), I’m dusting off my faux leopard rubber boots with the bright pink soles.

But if I didn’t have them, oh the fun I could have finding new ones.  Here are some boots so cute you might even want to wear them on sunny days.

Horse Print Wellies in Pink (or Yellow) from Winstanley Welly

Randi Too by Kate Spade (sold by Piperlime)


 Skull and Roses Mid-calf Rubber Cowboy Rain Boots from eBay

Hunter Original (High Gloss) from Zappo’s

Spy Love Wyre Valley “Autumn” Wellies from amazon.com

Zebra Rain Boots from Brandi’s Boutique


Marc Jacobs Heeled Rubber Wellington Boots from Net-a-Porter.

(Not sure these are still available, outside of eBay,

but they’re just too adorable.  Like rain go-go boots!)