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December 4, 2012

Spy gadget stocking stuffers that would make James Bond proud

Usually, we would have played Spies on a Mission, our favorite game ever since Johnny Clay had thought it up last summer. I was Constance Kurridge– detective, spy, pilot, and sometime movie star. And Johnny Clay was Red Terror– fierce code breaker and member of the Russian secret police. He’d made up Red Terror all by himself and had given him super strength; the ability to speak ten languages; and, best of all, a limp.

Velva Jean Learns to Drive

If you’ve read Becoming Clementine, you know that Velva Jean would never have settled for being a Bond Girl. She would have wanted to be 007 herself.

Shops like Women on Guard and Safety Girl specialize in female-friendly spy gear. For those of you who’ve ever had the urge (and who hasn’t?) to play private detective or Spies on a Mission, here are some covert and clever, and often life-saving little gadgets to slip into the Christmas stockings.

This Aqua Net Hair Spray Diversion Safe features a hidden compartment for money, passport, or jewelry. (And how much do I love that it’s Aqua Net?)

The handy Lipstick Pepper Spray (“in Fashion Colors!”) contains twenty half-second sprays with a range of ten feet.

The Dictionary Book Safe can hold any secret documents that your Aqua Net safe can’t accommodate.

This wrist watch is really a spy camera. It not only takes pictures, it can shoot video too. And its waterproof!

The Cat Defender Key Chain looks cute and harmless, but when you place your fingers through its eyes and set the mouth on the palm of your hand, it packs a mighty punch against an attacker.

The Original Safety Girl Kit isn’t so much a spy gadget as a collection of emergency roadside essentials, including band-aids, water, a nail file, a sewing kit, tampons, directions on how to change a flat tire and jumpstart a dead battery, a blanket, deodorant, and, of course, chocolate.